Monday, August 4, 2014

free digi + challenge


Hope all is well!

Well I'm on vacation as of today! No blogging or instagram...I need a break from the internet! I will be working while on vacation (drawing, sketching). I also decided to give my design team a break but I didn't just want to leave you all hanging so I'm offering another free digital stamp...

And a chance to win 3 Jane's Doodles stamps of your choice! All you have to do is join this challenge I've created for anyone who's interested. All you have to do is create a summer themed card (if you don't have any JD stamps and you're not into digital worries...just make sure it's a summer themed card..simple enough right?!)

The deadline is August 17th!

Take care!


Judy1223 said...

Have a great vacation, Jane! Thanks for another awesome free digi! I hope to be able to play along in the challenge, too!

pcm said...

so cute!

Bad Kitty said...

Hvala na free digi!
Želim vam ugodan odmor!
Presladak je!

Francine said...

Super cute digi! Thanks for the chance to win! :-) Hope you had a great vacation!

Mary-Anne V said...

Thank you for the cute digi...finally my printer let me print this out. It was fun joining your challenge.

BMG said...

Thanks so much for the digital stamp!