Thursday, September 25, 2014

altering your stamps + giveaway


So my thought for today and making this card (which btw isn't's just a peek) is do you really, I mean really use your stamp sets to it's full potential?

One way is altering your stamps and mixing sets to create a project.

I used the snowman's hat from mWarm Wishes stamp set on this bunny from mSpring set. I'll share soon how I went about it as well as other ways of altering your stamps.

And I also wanted to giveaway my Spring stamp set.

 If you're interested pop on over to my blog (it's open internationally).
I also want to thank you for your patience...with Judith stepping down it's a slow transition. Some of you are receiving orders that are coming from both me and Judith (because the newest sets are with me and the older ones are with Judith - she is sending them to me in's going to take time so please be patient).

Have a great day! 


arlsmom aka Lynda said...

totally cute!!!