Wednesday, March 18, 2015

just a note and venting!

Edit: I'm happy to report that this customer found out after contacting USPS that the package IS in the US!! :)


Hope all is well!

I want to talk about something that is really stressing me out. I've had a few customers who haven't received their stamps (I believe 4 orders)...two finally got them and two are still waiting. Today I got an angry email from a customer who is said that this situation is terrible and she is not happy at all. This upset me ALOT! I am very very grateful for each order and customer...I try and show this by sending your stamps packaged with love (a little crochet heart I made) and little something extra in your order as well as giving store credit. I also now send orders PRIORITY REGISTERED MAIL (before it was priority mail) which means now you also get a tracking number. All these orders that haven't arrived or came very late for some reason are all located in the USA!  I clearly see ( with the tracking number) that the packages I send LEAVE Croatia within 2 days of me sending it and I am told that it should take no longer than 10-15 work days. Why is this happening all of a sudden??? It clearly is a problem with UPS. I don't know what else to do or say. 

Anyways I'm sharing Marion's FABULOUS card using my Hello Friend and Doodle Flowers II.

Have a great day!


Kimberly Rendino said...

I've been having trouble with USPS lately as well.....never updating tracking, things arriving late., etc. Try not to take it to heart. All the little extras you send are very much appreciated. This too shall pass!

~amy~ said...

Oh Jane...hang in there...I seem to always have issues with USPS :( I think my postal carrier doesn't like our household. People need to realize that it is beyond your control♡

Marion's card...ADORABLE.

Bad Kitty said...

Fabulous card

Lisa Lara said...

So frustrating especially as a business woman. Grrrrrr. Love love love your card Jane.

deshacrafts said...

Jane, your stamps are so worth waiting for. I got my stamps in a very reasonable time, especially considering I didn't realize they were coming from Croatia. Hang in there.

Mary-Anne V said...

Postal service is the way that it is and its out of your hands....glad the issue is resolved. Wonderful card!