Thursday, February 4, 2016



Hope all is well!

It's Milka's turn on the blog today and she's combined Mr. & Mrs. Claus and Coffee Time stamp sets to create this ADORABLE card!

I also wanted to share this card I made using my Spring Blessings stamp set.

I did some masking.

I also wanted to share this fabulous card I received from a customer. Long story short the stamps she bought never arrived and even though my shops policy states that I'm not responsible once the order has been sent I felt bad (and it almost never happens) so sent it once again and asked her if she gets both packages to send one back to me (I would pay for shipping). So she did end up getting both and kindly sent one back. I thank her for being understanding. Jane's Doodles is a small company but my heart is in it and I'm grateful to my customers and supporter. :)

Sam used my Wise Owl stamp set...just LOVE it!



Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Lovely cards ! So kind of you to resend the stamp..never heard anyone doing it !