Saturday, April 22, 2017

earth day + sale

Happy Earth Day!

I am grateful to my parents who have taught me early on to love and take care of our earth. My family was happiest camping every summer. And I mean real tents. Every summer we went (along with my cousins and friends) to Kill Bear Park (sounds rough...with the 'kill' but I promise no bears (or any other animals) were killed) which is a little past Parry Sound. 

Yesterday I heard disturbing news over the radio. Croatia is one of the worst countries in the EU for recycling, Zagreb one of the worst cities. It pisses me off but doesn't surprise me. I personally think Croatians are just too lazy to recycle. 

What can I do about it? Firstly I can teach my kids by example not to be wasteful in every aspect of our lives. Not to litter, to recycle, to support companies that are eco friendly. Am I perfect....absolutley not. But I'm trying my best.

As a business owner I am often in conflict with myself. I'm trying not to be wasteful in evey aspect of my life and one of them being a consumer. I feel we just buy buy buy. You can see my problem....I sell stamps! Sell, sell, sell. I do take comfort in that I'm selling a product that envokes creativity. Creating handmade cards that will brighten up someone's day. That's an awesome thing. But I do want to say use my stamps. I mean really use them, stretch your stamp sets, think outside the box, mix and match your sets and only buy the ones you REALLY love. 
 For the stamps you no longer use you can recycle them by re-selling them, give them away, donate them, just don't let them be sitting there collecting dust.

It's Earth Day everyday.


~amy~ said...

Happy Earth Day Jane!

scrAPpamondo said...

Great post! :) Italy too is being ruined by mountains of waste and a very bad use of the earth (and of the sea, too)!! :(
...When I was a little girl I learned by my grandmother to recycling and thinking outside the box to make my own toys and little crafts. This made me a creative and happy person. Looking at waste things, now I always think "what I could make with this?" :D ...So my home is full of things to reuse (but sadly I haven't time enought to make something with all them... days are too much short!) :D LOL
Hugs, Happy Earth Day to you!

Fiki said...

this is true!
I do recycle.
I think one person can make difrence,
Happy Earth day!

Michelle said...

Recycling is big in NYC!!! Let's all work together ;)