Wednesday, April 18, 2012

thank you

Hope you are all well! :) you ask??:) ... my back is acting up again making it very uncomfortable to sit and draw! :(
BUT enough about my back...check out Courtney's gorgeous card using the cute flowers from our Easter Time set. Courtney's card is a perfect example of using this Easter stamp set for a non-Easter theme card...can't you just see yourself using the bunny with a senetiment like...'somebunny loves you!' :) She paper pieced the flowers perfectly!

I'm hoping to have a free digi stamp ready for you by tomorrow...


~amy~ said...

Love courtney's card and ouch...hope you feel better Jane!

Annette Allen said...

Courtney's card is adorable.. Hope you back starts to feel better...take care..

Isha Gupta said...

Lovely card by Courtney. Take care of your back and get well soon.