Wednesday, June 17, 2015

school is out!

YEEHAW! School is out! :)
I am proud to say that I was packing away orders all day yesterday and they are ready to be shipped! I also got my very first order from Japan! :)

Now to restock my shop!! lol! I'm putting my first order in so hopefully in 2-3 weeks I'll be adding some old and new sets to the shop.

I had to make a quick card for Mia's teacher. Mia finished grade 4 which means saying goodbye to her teacher (they have the same teacher grade 1 to grade 4 and then grade 5 and on it's a different teacher for each subject).

I used my Read All About It stamp set (which I will be re ordering this week) and coloured with my Graph'it markers. 

I can't believe how quickly this school year passed....crazy! I'll have Marko in grade 7, Mia in grade 5 and Jakov in grade 2.......snif, snif...they grow up to fast! 


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Mary-Anne V said...

Have a great time with your kids...they grow up fast I agree. My kids are exactly the same age! Love the teacher cards.