Wednesday, June 7, 2017

froggy smile


I'm sharing Milka's CAS CUTE card today using Smile and Plants! If you have problems with masculine cards I think this card is great.

Milka also shared some interesting info on frogs. :)

"Frogs are symbols of prosperity, wealth, friendship, and abundance in many cultures. In other cultures they symbolize fertility. In the Native American culture of the Southwestern United States, the frog carries a piece of wood in its mouth because the Mojave people believe frogs brought fire to humans. For the ancient Romans, the frog was believed to bring good luck to one's home. Native Aborigines of Australia believe that frogs brought the thunder and rain. Frogs are said to be effective in speeding up recovery from disease. Among the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, frogs symbolized inspiration and fertility. In ancient Egypt, Hekt, the frog goddess, protected newborn babies, hence frogs were symbols of fertility and birth. The frog is also said to attract true friends and to help find long-lasting love."



Fikreta said...

super cute card!

Dotty Jo said...

Aawwwwww! He's a beauty, Jo x

Valentina B said...

Adorable adn cute little frog! :)
I love frogs and thanks Milka for all interesting facts about them.

Renee M said...

What a fun stamp and adorable card!