Friday, January 18, 2013

Spotlight - Maria

Well...I messed up our was suppose to be Amy's card and this post was suppose to be up yesterday.....oh well! :)

It's spotlight time...I was told about Maria's blog Marias and that I'd be able to find lots of Jane's Doodles cuteness and I did!! Here are a few of Maria's cards using our stamps and free digital stamps!

This card has our free rabbit digital stamp...awesome colouring! :)

Simple and gorgeous cards using our Roses stamp set.

Another sweet card using our Roses stamp set.

Super CUTE card using our free digital bird!

A row of yummy cakes!! Maria used our Party Time stamp set!

Some more yummy cakes!!! :)

And last but not least this SWEET card using our free digital dog stamp! :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...I'll be doing the finishing touches on some new stamps....think Spring!! :)



Isha Gupta said...

Gorgeous cards. Love them all :)

Sandra said...

Maria did a wonderful job - love the Valentine's with the dimension!
Sandra ltb
missed those free digis!

Muffin said...

All of Maria's cards are just AWESOME (and so is Maria btw)! :)

~amy~ said...

serious cuteness!