Tuesday, January 5, 2021




I want to thank all of you AGAIN for helping me raise money to help the cities, villages and people devasted by the earthquakes in Croatia. I first mentioned I would donate the money to the Red Cross. I started to read on Instagram some complaints about the Red Cross not doing their job properly. I'm only going to say this. There will always be those who will take advantage of situations like these but to generalize and say all who volunteer in the Red Cross are stealing is ridiculous. My advice to those who are throwing temper tantrums and trolling the Red Cross is to go to the affected areas, put on the red uniform and set an example.

So like I said, I was conflicted about what do to because I want everyone to be happy with the donation. This is your money and I wanted to be intentional to show my gratitude.  I've talked to many people, neighbours who went to Pentrinja, Sisak and the surrounding villages to hand out supplies and I'm happy to see that they have received loads of clothing, blankets, food, etc. Many countries (Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy...) have come with trucks full of supplies. I think the biggest concern and long term problem is rebuilding these cities. If there are no more schools, hospitals, people will leave.

So. I saw this video.

Together we donated 6,400 kuna (which is around $1,040 USD).

The digital Hope is still in the shop and I will leave it there for now. There's a little under $300 from the Hope digital stamp in Jane's Doodles paypal. I will share the next donation with you of course. Please continue to share. I'm a tiny stamp company with a small following in comparison to other stamp companies so I'm very grateful to you all who shared this digital stamp on your social media. I also love seeing your cards using the digital stamp.
Thank you, thank you and thank you.
You all have blessed me.

Now, speaking of Hope here's Milka's beautiful and simple card.



KT Fit Kitty said...

You are awesome, Jane! Thank you for stepping up to gather the donations and help out after this devastating event. You make a difference in the world and you are appreciated! Milka's card is beautiful! So simple, yet so effective!

Fikreta said...

you are so amazing!
SO nice card from Milka.
Happy New year!

~amy~ said...

You are fabulous, Jane!
Awesome card by Milka.